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Let’s Write the Future of HR and Build a Better Workplace

HR Redefined brings together HR professionals to learn from industry experts, exchange fresh ideas, and network with forward-looking peers. We empower attendees to make data-driven decisions about their people strategy, build better workplaces, and change the future of HR.

HR is changing. We’re not just a “complaint department”—we have the ability to be strategic partners and drive business impact.


Why Attend

An Original Keynote

Adam Grant’s keynote shared what it means to be an “original” in HR.

adam grant

Redefine Live

Participants had the opportunity to “hack" solutions to some of the biggest challenges and opportunities in HR.

hr redefined


Free books for those who joined the book club from HR professionals: HRreads.

hr book club

Name Plates

Custom name plates from Brooklyn-based design firm 'Dirty Bandits' specializing in typography.

custom name plates

Namely Bear

The one and only Namely bear came to HR Redefined camera-ready.

namely bear

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